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Will CBD Oil Show Positive In A Drug Test

CBD oil is harvested from the cannabis plant Positive In A Drug Test which belongs to the cannabis sativa family. CBD oil is used for the relaxation of anxiety, depression, and other problems that create panic in humans. But the question arises will CBD oil make you fail a drug test? So, the simple answer is CBD (cannabidiol) oil itself does not cause a positive result in standard drug tests. However, do you know, that these tests are intended to determine THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is the psychoactive component in the cannabis family? Thus, various tests are performed to analyze whether CBD is taken or not. Now let’s figure out what they are.

What are the different types of CBD oil?

What are the different types of CBD oil?

CBD oil is not toxic and harmful to the body if it is consumed in the right amount. Although high consumption may cause side effects in the body. For more guidance read our article What are the negative side effects of CBD oil? So, let’s discuss what different types of CBD oil are and why they differ from each other. 

Full-Spectrum CBD:

 This type of CBD oil contains all the compounds that are found in the hemp plant which include THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The traces of THC make it more likely to result in a positive drug test.

Broad-Spectrum CBD:

This type contains some other compounds such as terpenes and cannabinoids but, it does not contain THC. This reduces the probability of positive drug tests.

CBD Isolate: 

This type is very useful as it contains only pure CBD without any additional compounds. They are taken from the hemp plant, which has no detectable amounts of THC. Consuming this kind has the least chance of a positive drug test.

How CBD oil is tested in the human body:

So, there are various methods to test the CBD oil. In actuality, traces of THC are checked as CBD is not as harmful to the body. So to examine the remains of drugs the most effective tests are done through blood and urine. 


Drug screening via blood testing is done to determine the THC remains in the blood but it is less common nowadays. The reason is THC withdraws from the blood rapidly. It can only be found in plasma for five hours. Although it is effective in investigating cases such as accidental cases because of the influence of CBD oil. 


Urine tests are done widely to detect traces of THC. It is common to test THC metabolites. The reason is in the urine they remain for 4 to 16 days after consuming. However, it depends on the amount of consumption, high doses can also lead to positive days even after a month or so.

Reasons Why CBD Oil Might Cause a Positive In A Drug Test

Reasons Why CBD Oil Might Cause a Positive In A Drug Test

If you are worried about If I use CBD oil, will I test positive in a urine drug test? So yes, there are multiple reasons for the positive test of CBD oil. As we have understood earlier the amount of consumption means a lot. So here are some more consequences of the positive drug test.

Trace Amounts of THC: 

THC is present in small levels in certain CBD oils. Legally, CBD products made from hemp should have less than 0.3% THC. However, the mislabeling of the products, manufacturing errors of the brands, or cross-contamination during extraction are the causes of this.


 THC is very toxic even low levels of it may contaminate CBD oil during manufacturing or the extraction process. A positive drug screening might result from this. This is more common in brands that use less expensive extraction techniques or have insufficient quality assurance.


Products that contain CBD oil are occasionally falsely labeled as THC-free. However, they contain THC over what is approved by the authorities. According to the study done in 2017 and the report published in JAMA, it stated that THC was included in 21% of CBD products that are purchased online. And brutal truth is that the label did not mention it.

What Are The Precautions To Avoid Positive Drug Tests:

As your health is your most valuable asset. So make sure to keep yourself save from these types of toxic chemicals. Here are some measures to avoid positive drug tests. 

Choose CBD Isolate:

 If you want to take CBD for relief from pain and anxiety in the right amount then go for CBD products that contain only pure CBD without any THC content.

Select Third-Party Tested Products: 

While ordering the products make sure that the products are certified by a Certificate of Analysis (COA).  This makes it more likely that they will be loyal to purity and safety regulations.

Be Aware of Product Sources: 

Be Aware of Product Sources: 

As we know many manufacturers mislead customers. So, try to order from reliable companies and avoid purchasing products from unregulated or unreliable sources. Make use of CBD products made from hemp that have less than 0.3% THC.


CBD oil is widely used for health and wellness applications such as reducing anxiety, and pain, improving sleep quality, etc. However, we come to the reasons why will CBD oil show positively in a drug test. So keep in mind that taking care of yourself is the first step toward great progress and success. Therefore, utilize a little dose of CBD oil according to your body’s requirements. Be aware of the mislabeling and misleading of the manufacturers. By following above mentioned guidelines you will be able to pass the drug test effectively.

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