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Solvent Vs Solventless | Which One Is Better

There are many ways to get the cannabis extracts and each type of extraction has their advantages and setbacks.
Choosing between solvent vs. solventless for your business can be tricky because both have their benefits and both come with a price.
Solventless extracts are created without any chemical solvent while solvent extracts are formed with chemical solvents.
The differences does not end there. So this article will explore both option, their advantages and drawbacks. So let us get started!


The main difference between solvent vs solventless extraction is that solvent extraction involves chemical substances while in solventless extraction no chemical substances are used. We can say that solventless extraction is pure and natural and in contrast solvent extraction involves synthetic materials that have their drawbacks.
For many customers, regulators and manufacturers, using chemical solvents for extracting cannabis oil and carious natural compounds through the marijuana plant is a controversial matter.
Many business weigh the questionable factors regarding quality, safety, desirability, profitability and health for deciding which kind of extraction will be a good purchase and which products will do better in the marketplace. 

What Is Meant By Solventless Extraction?

We can say the all mechanical and natural process of splitting up the trichomes from the cannabis plant material is solventless extraction and it does not involve any chemical solvents. Human are making solventless hash for centuries utilizing the extraction process that does not include any unnatural or chemical stimulus and were successful in making dry sifting marijuana via fine screens.
For making these dry sifting marijuana the cannabis flowers were rubbed against the fine sieve or mesh which broke off the cannabinoid-rich trichomes which were collected in the kief. This process used the application of pressure and heat which creates a powdery kief which is recognized as a solventless mass of hash.
The more advanced solventless extraction processes or machines create different type of cannabis concentrates from trim or flower including love rosin, kief, shatter, edibles, bubble hash, wax and so much more. 

What Is Meant By Solvent Extraction?

Solvent extraction means the solvent-based process of extraction which uses the chemical solvents like carbon dioxide, propane, ethanol for striping terpenes and cannabinoids from cannabis plant and butane. For the post-extraction stage purging is done to ensure that all the residual amount of solvent is extracted to the acceptable level set by the country’s or state regulators.
A lot of manufacturers prefer chemical solvent because they are pretty effective to gather up all the available trichomes present in the cannabis plant. This chemical extraction process is a lot more fast that the solventless process of extraction.
Although solventless extraction has its advantages they are worth some price. Solvent extraction over the year has become a less healthy choice in the marketplace because of the dangerous reputation of butane hash oil which cause explosions and fires

Which is an Attractive Option: Solvent vs Solventless?

Solventless extraction is an attractive option because of lower obstacles to entry and also because although the equipment for solventless extraction cause a considerable amount of money but it is worth it. Solventless products sell good in the marketplace because of the quality and safety.
The solvent based extraction machinery require a lot of safety to work and operate it at high temperature and pressures with various volatile material that can result in disaster if not handled with care or used properly.
According to ROI which stands for return on investment, the leading method of extraction is solventless extraction because of high-quality and reassurance in products like craft rosin.
Craft rosin are doing amazing in the market with over $100 per gram and intense loyalty by consumer, attractive margin even though slow production time period compared to solvent extraction products like BHO.

Old Solventless Hash

Hashish is considered as the old or original cannabis concentrate that was traditionally created without solvents. The hand-rubbed hash like charas comes directly form the flowers when they are scraped from sticky palms and rolled or shaped into temple ball. The whole process is time-consuming and intensive but it still manufacture a top-quality concentrate of high standards.
The most common old solventless extraction process is still the dry sifting of cannabis plants where the dried cannabis flowers are rubbed over the fine sieve to split up the trichomes, turning the trichomes into crystals. 

Old Solvent Stash

The solvent extraction is a modern process of extracting cannabis trichomes by using butane hash oil or BHO. This method became the talk of the town in the 2000s and became popular among the homemade concentrate makers.
Butane is highly flammable solvent with very high probability of explosions and fires so butane is a dangerous solvent to work with. The unrefined oil created by butane hash must go through the process of purging before it is considered fit for consumption. After that whipping the extracts into budder is also required for desiccation and removal of any butane residue.
There are huge possibilities of some steps going wrong at home so smart people do not mess with this dangerous process anymore. 


We discussed that Solventless extraction is a beneficial option because of lower obstacles to entry. Solventless products sell good in the marketplace because of the quality and safety. On the other hand solvent based extraction machinery require a lot of safety to work and operate it at high temperature and pressures with various volatile material that can result in disaster if not handled with care or used properly. 
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