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Is cannabis delivery legal in California

In California, it’s completely legal for a marijuana dispensary to deliver products to its customers. They usually do this in company vans or trucks, but not always. However, such companies have to be licensed and regulated and must abide by laws limiting the use of recreational marijuana for the safety of their consumers and the general public.
Want to know whether your cannabis delivery service is following the law or operating legally? Here are the laws concerning cannabis delivery you should be aware of before ordering and/or signing up for a new service.
California has various laws limiting how much recreational cannabis you can purchase at a time. For any non-cannabis purchases, you can order up to 28.5 g per day. But if you’re after concentrated cannabis products, you can only order up to 8 g per day.


.Buyers can only purchase up to six immature cannabis plants per day.
These daily limits are in place to prevent people from accidentally consuming too much or from starting their own weed delivery services without requisite licenses and infrastructure. It’s also designed to cut down on street-level marijuana sales. After all, a big part of making recreational marijuana legal in California was so that the state government could collect all that tax money!
For legal purposes, a “day” as mentioned in the laws above counts as 24 hours. But the clock officially starts at midnight every day, so you could theoretically purchase, for example, 8 g of concentrated marijuana product at 11:55 PM, then go back to the same weed delivery service and purchase another 8 g at 12:01 AM just a few minutes later and the activity would be totally legal.
Keep this in mind when planning your weed delivery schedule or when buying recreational marijuana from a weed delivery service like King Kind.


With so many California cannabis delivery services available, how can you tell which ones are legit operations?
We’d highly recommend checking out the websites of the cannabis delivery services in question. You can look to see if they are regulated by the BCC or Bureau of Cannabis Control. Alternatively, cannabis delivery services should also be regulated by the Department of Public health and the Department of Food and Agriculture.
To make things even more clear, high-quality cannabis delivery services should include records of their tests for their products’ quality. Third-party lab tests are essential so you can determine whether the cannabis you’re buying is actually worth your time and money.
The good news is that King Kind is completely certified and fully licensed for delivering throughout the LA metropolitan area and surrounding locales. Each of our drivers is fully licensed and regulated and has been trained in-house: it’s all part of our vertical integration, which ensures that prices stay low and our consumers get the best cannabis in the region without having to empty their wallets.
Weed delivery services like King Kind are the future, both because of our quality and because of our adherence to state and federal regulations.


In most cases, legitimate California cannabis delivery services are easy to tell apart from their sketchier competition. They’ll be more likely to answer questions regarding their third-party lab tests and regulations, and they ought to have great customer service. Furthermore, their website should be well put together and include resources to help prove that they’re fully regulated and licensed to provide recreational or medical marijuana.
Don’t know where to look? Forget researching and just try King Kind. As the best cannabis delivery service in the SD area, we’re ready to start shipping your favorite strains and brands of weed and marijuana products to your doorstep. Remember, we offer free delivery, so it’s easier than ever to start enjoying high-quality cannabis without getting up from your couch!
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