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How To Tell A Female Cannabis Plant From A Male

Cannabis plants are constantly being developed and hybridized to produce more cannabinoids. Cannabis plants developed for medical use contain high levels of cannabidiol (CBD), which helps with inflammation, anti-anxiety, and other conditions.

To cultivate marijuana successfully, aspiring marijuana growers must identify female cannabis seeds. The female plants produce buds containing THC and CBD, while the male plants do not. To maximize the bud production and potency of your crop, you must be able to distinguish between female and male weed plants.

It takes a keen understanding of the plant’s life cycle to cultivate cannabis. Identifying male and female plants is one of the most crucial skills for any cannabis farmer. To produce the sought-after buds rich in cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, it is vital to know the gender of the cannabis plants. Our article will explain how to tell a female cannabis plant from a male by looking at a few key characteristics.

Plants OF Different Genders: How To Tell A Female Cannabis Plant From A Male

What makes a female cannabis plant different from a male? How to tell a female cannabis plant from a male:

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Female Cannabis Plants

  • Pistils (White Hairs)

Pistils, also known as white hairs, are the most distinctive feature of a female cannabis plant. Branches meet the main stem at nodes, where these fine, hair-like structures develop around buds. Initially, pistils are white, and they may change color as the plant progresses through its flowering cycle. You can tell a female cannabis plant from a male one by looking for these delicate structures.

  • Calyxes

In female cannabis plants, calyxes develop in the shape of teardrops. In addition to the pistils and trichomes, they encase and protect the reproductive components of the flower. The presence of calyxes indicates that you are dealing with a female plant, as they are an important part of bud formation.

  • No Pollen Sacs

Cannabis plants with female flowers do not produce pollen sacs. Male plants have spherical, sac-like structures on their leaves. Monitoring your plants regularly is crucial to catching any potential males early and removing them from the growing area to prevent pollination.

Male Cannabis Plants

  • Pollen Sacs

Pollen sacs are an indication that a cannabis plant is male. They contain the pollen necessary to fertilize female plants. The flowers develop in clusters and are typically found in leaf axils.

  • No Pistils or Buds

Female cannabis plants produce pistils and buds, but male plants do not. Buds on female plants are larger and more numerous than those on male plants.

  • Thicker Stems

Cannabis plants with male flowers have thicker and sturdier stems than cannabis plants with female flowers. Plants with this characteristic can be identified as male or female, especially in their early stages.

  • Less Resinous

A key characteristic of male plants is that they usually have fewer trichomes than female plants. Trichomes are resinous glands that produce cannabinoids. Male plants have a lower concentration of trichomes than female plants, which indicates their reproductive function rather than cannabinoid production.

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 Marijuana Plants: Male vs. Female: How to tell a female cannabis plant from a male

Similarly to humans, How to tell a female cannabis plant from a male it’s difficult to tell the difference between male and female marijuana plants when they’re young. From a gender perspective, baby cannabis plants (starts or cuttings) are almost indistinguishable. It is only the stems and leaves of cannabis plants that develop in the vegetative state (the first few weeks after birth).

When marijuana plants reach the flowering stage, even a layman can notice the difference between males and females. During the vegetative phase (usually about 6 weeks into the cycle), you may notice some small differences if you’re an experienced grower.

 What Is The Best Time To Identify The Gender OF Your Cannabis Plants?

Cannabis plants start showing their gender during the pre-flowering stage, which is the first four weeks of flowering. As the branches meet the stem, pre-flowers will emerge at the nodes of the plant. This is how to tell a male cannabis plant from a female cannabis plant based on its pre-flowers.


  • Pollination prevention

To prevent male plants from pollinating the females, remove them as soon as you identify them from your growing area. It would help if you inspected your plants regularly during the early stages of flowering to catch any potential males.

  • Plants with hermaphroditic properties

The female and male reproductive organs of some cannabis plants can be hermaphroditic. It can be caused by stress, genetics, or environmental factors. During their entire growth cycle, hermaphroditic plants are at risk of pollinating nearby females, so be sure to monitor them closely.


Cannabis cultivators must be able to distinguish between male and female plants. Observing the key characteristics outlined in this article can help you identify the sex of your plants and ensure a high-quality, cannabinoid-rich harvest. Be sure to inspect your plants regularly, remove males as soon as possible, and keep an eye out for hermaphroditic traits. This is how to tell a female cannabis plant from a male cannabis plant with practice and experience.

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