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How To Plant Germinated Cannabis Seed The Right Way

Knowing how to Plant Germinated Cannabis Seed can be a crucial skill for growers who want to jumpstart the growth process. It involves carefully handling the seed and placing it at the right depth in a suitable medium.

This is followed by ensuring that moisture, temperature, and light are optimal for germination. Growers can create the perfect environment for the germination of cannabis seeds to grow into healthy seedlings, which marks the start of their growth journey. To nurture the young cannabis plant into a healthy specimen, regular monitoring and care are essential. Understanding how to Plant Germinated Cannabis Seed will help you start your cultivation journey successfully. This step is crucial as it involves carefully transferring the seed to a growing medium.

It’s important to ensure that you have the right depth and moisture level while creating an ideal environment for growth. This stage is crucial for the early development of the plant and lays the foundations for its life cycle. Cultivators can maximize the potential of the seed by adhering to the proper planting techniques, maintaining the right conditions, and fostering healthy growth.

How To Plant Germinated Cannabis Seed The Right Way

Exploring various methods and environmental factors guides enthusiasts on how to plant germinated cannabis seeds for optimal germination and early growth. When planting germinated cannabis seeds, you need to crack them and expose the taproot on paper towels or a similar set-up. Then gently transfer them into your medium. You can wait patiently for sprouts knowing that your seeds are alive and viable. You can plant marijuana seeds in the same way that nature intended, directly into the medium. Planting germinated cannabis seeds is the least nerve-wracking method and gives you maximum control.

How To Plant Germinated Cannabis Seed The Right Way

Planting Germinated Cannabis Seeds: Why And When?

Germinating marijuana seeds comes naturally to experienced growers. First-timers, however, may find it a stressful ordeal. They panic and start making all sorts of mistakes. Germinating cannabis seeds before planting has many benefits.

Why Germinate Seeds Before Planting Them?

 The least stressful germination technique is to plant marijuana seeds after the germination has occurred, and not before. This method is not only the most beneficial for the plant but for the grower as well. The conditions must be perfect when the seed awakens. You can have problems if you don’t.

  • This can cause damping off or other issues.
  • After a few days, the soil starts to dry up, starting at the surface. The lack of moisture will cause the seed to not crack if it hasn’t already.
  • The seed can die if you plant it too deep in the soil, especially if that soil is saturated with water.
  • Some seeds sprout more slowly than others. Some seeds take longer to sprout.

It’s safer to plant your seeds after they have germinated.

When To Plant Germinated Marijuana Seeds

Imagine that you have placed weed seed between two moist paper towels. After only 12 hours the seeds could crack and reveal taproots, but it usually takes a few days. Understanding the depth and moisture requirements is crucial when learning how to plant germinated cannabis seeds effectively. It is not necessary to plant the seeds as soon as they are healthy. Allow the taproot a few hours to grow – about a half inch (1cm), but not more than that (2.5cm).

Planting Germinated Cannabis Seeds Step By Step

We’ve broken down the process into easy-to-follow steps for your convenience. Following specific guidelines on how to Plant Germinated Cannabis Seed ensures proper orientation and ideal conditions for initial growth.

  • Fill an opaque single cup with potting soil.
  • Water it; it is important to not overwater the soil. The soil should be moistened, but not soaked through. The water must be of drinking quality and should have a pH range between 6.0 to 6.5. DO NOT ADD NUTRIENTS YET. Young sprouts can be damaged by soils rich in nutrients. You can use Endoboost Hydro, Superthrive, or other organic products that are not harmful to young sprouts if you insist.
  • Make a hole with a pencil in the soil large enough to accommodate the taproot and the seed.
  • Put the seed gently in the hole, with the root facing downward. Use tweezers and be careful not to damage the root in any way.
  • Cover all surfaces with soil.
  • Spray some water or pour a small amount of water. The soil will settle around the root and the seed.

That’s it. Now you know how to plant weed seeds that have germinated.


Soon, the seed will be up and shed its outer layer, growing first the cotyledons, then the true leaves. The seedling is also developing its root system, which will soon cover the entire medium, and reach both the sides and bottom of the Solo Cup. This could take up to 2 weeks, depending on the size of the seedling. The seedling should be strong enough to move it to a larger container or outside by then.


Q1) What depth should I plant my seeds once they have germinated?

Some people cover the seeds with soil, leaving the “helmet head” stick just on top of the surface. You decide. Try not to plant the seed more than half an inch (1cm).

Q2) How do I plant germinated cannabis seeds that have long taproots (long taproots)?

Make the hole large enough to accommodate the taproot without it bending. Fill the hole with soil, and then water it a bit to settle the soil around the roots.

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