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How To Dry Cannabis Fast In 2022

Have you ever found yourself in a situation of looking down at a wet bag of cannabis which is too moist to smoke? Then you came to the right place to learn some quick ways of how to dry cannabis fast or curing your moist cannabis plant perfectly.
To enjoy your cannabis to its full potential with little harshness then the best thing to do is curing and drying the cannabis properly reach most of your high.
We have got some effective quick ways for you to dry cannabis fast if you cannot wait long enough to dry your cannabis bud and smoke it. Some of these ways may damage your weed to some extent. Nevertheless, the method will give you some amount of dry cannabis to smoke. 


Before utilizing cannabis buds they must be appropriately dried. The buds that are not dried properly will not burn properly also and they will face difficulty remained lit. Furthermore, wet buds do not grind properly. Wet cannabis can be used in some other ways like has manufacturing but they are not goof to smoke until dried.
It takes considerable time to dry the wet cannabis appropriately. The slower the process, the more high-quality buds will be ready for best smoking experience.
But sometime you want the wet cannabis bud to dry quickly. Drying cannabis fast will result in it tasting green because the fast process will let the chlorophyll to leak out. But when the cannabis buds are dried correctly then the chlorophyll substance break into desired terpenes that are funky smelling and sweeter. The end product of right way of drying cannabis is something far superior to the one with inappropriate drying. 

Different Ways Of Drying Cannabis

Let us go through the different way of drying cannabis.

  • Sun drying

The most natural way of drying wet cannabis is sun drying. It may not be the most effective way of get the dry cannabis but it is does the job even if it takes some time. There is also the chance of quality of cannabis to be harmed both by the sunshine and the heat.
Throwing some bugs in brown bag and keeping them under the sun in a hot sunny day will get the job done. But it may take up to one to two days if the weather condition is dry, sunny and warm.

  • Boiler room drying

Boiler room is present in almost every house and the chamber temperature is maintained by the water boiler to keep the conditions like humidity to minimum. Boiler room is a great location for drying the wet cannabis quickly and effectively.
You can place the buds in brown bag and hand them somewhere with a thread for drying. If the temperature of the boiler is increased then you can dry large amount of cannabis within three to four days.

  • Using brown paper bags for drying

Drying cannabis by using the brown paper bags usually used in bakeries is ideal particularly for popcorn buds. You can place some quantity of buds in the paper bag and set them aside to dry for two to seven days.
To speed the up the process of drying you can place them near the laptop fan or PC fan. These fans just provide the right amount of heat and air to dry the cannabis buds appropriately.

  • Baking the buds

Baking cannabis is done to achieve decarboxylation but you are not trying to decarb the cannabis buds. You are just using this method to dry the cannabis long enough. This is the quickest way of drying the weed and all you will need is a cookie sheet and oven pan for this process.
Place the cookie sheet on the pan and spread the buds on it and bake them for ten minutes. It will be great to preheat the oven before the process for about 125 to 140 degree Fahrenheit.

  • Using a microwave

Drying cannabis buds with fifty or less power will try them quickly. You need to spread the buds on a microwavable dish and then given them a ten second round and then checking them after every round. If the time is overdone then restoring the buds will take a lot of time.


​To enjoy your cannabis to its full potential with little harshness then the best thing to do is curing and drying the cannabis properly reach most of your high. The best way to quickly dry the wet cannabis is by baking them in a preheated microwave oven for ten minutes. Other methods are also effective but they take more time. 
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