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How Long Does THC Stay In The System?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) oil are considered two of the most well-known substances in the cannabis sativa family. Although they are derived from the same plant yet they have quite distinct applications and effects Since CBD is non-psychoactive, it is not poisonous and is frequently utilized for its possible medicinal advantages, which include pain treatment and anxiety reduction.

On the other hand, THC is psychoactive, which means it makes you feel intoxicated and is frequently associated with recreational marijuana use. In this blog, we are going to figure out how long does THC stay in your system.

How Long Does THC Stay In The System?

When we talk about the duration of THC stays in your system. So, it can’t be determined easily. Some researchers suggest that it remains 1-6 hours after consuming. But it totally depends on several factors such as your body composition, metabolism, frequency of use, and the method of consumption.
It is observed that vapor affects strongly and quickly while edibles affect slowly but they have a long-lasting effect. Additionally, THC is detectable in the body for a longer period as compared to CBD.

The simplest explanation is that it is progressively released into the circulation or plasma after being deposited in fat cells. The following are some significant factors that affect the duration of THC detection:

1. Frequency Of Use

The amount you are consuming has a great effect on the duration of THC remaining in the body system. If you take THC occasionally, it may remain in your system for a few days to a week. But, if you are a regular or heavy user of this then THC can stay measurable for several weeks to a month or more.

2. Metabolism

The metabolism of the body plays a significant role in determining any chemical reaction of the body. Metabolism has a great influence on the age as well. Usually, Individuals who are young with faster metabolisms tend to process THC more quickly which reduces the detection or positive drug tests. While older individuals who possess slower metabolisms result in longer retention times.

3. Body Fat Content

Our body contains fat cells which help in keeping us healthy. Fat cells also known as adipose cells store THC in them as it is fat-soluble. So individuals who possess higher body fat percentages may retain THC longer than individuals with lower body fats.

4. Method Of Consumption

The method you are using to consume THC has an effect on its detection. If you are smoking or vaping THC then it can lead to a shorter detection of time. But if you are consuming through edibles or oils it may have a longer life in the body. This is because edibles can produce a longer-lasting presence as they complete the process of digestion, assimilation as well as absorption.

5. Age And Health

5. Age And Health

Your age and health influence the effect of THC. As stated earlier young individuals with good health can withdraw the THC faster. Whereas, older individuals have a slower metabolism and they usually use other medicines and drugs which enable THC to stay longer in the body system.
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In conclusion, it can’t be estimated how long does the THC stay in system. But by considering all the above-mentioned factors can give an idea of why drug tests become positive and why there are THC metabolites in urine.

However, it depends on your usage patterns and body characteristics. The duration of remains in the body can range from a few days to several weeks or more. it is recommended to care of your health and order certified and trusty products from the companies.


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